We offer the following services:

Advice and assistance in determining the types, variants, versions of your vehicles according to EU 2013/167;

Advice and assistance regarding applicable functional safety requirements (lighting, rear protective device, side guards, etc.) according to EU 2015/208;

Preparation of information package (information document) according to EU 2015/504;

Preparation of the CE declaration of conformity according to appropriate EU regulations and applicable requirements;

Advice and assistance in completing product Certificates of conformity (CoC) under EU 2015/504;

Help and guidance on building Vehicle identification number (VIN) correct content and structure under appropriate ISO standards;

Help and assistance preparing documentation of production and production procedures conformity;

Communication with technical services and approval authorities.

Also many other similar services.

Creation of automated filling forms (VIN generation, type aproval sertificate, CE declaration;Registration code306116534VATLT100015142118